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Our international partners represent the gateway to the international insurance market, to the professional practices from countries where the insurance industry is more advanced and offers a wider range of insurance solutions, which are for us a source of inspiration and development opportunities.

We rely on our partners, just the way they rely on us.

European Broker Network

CND is member of EUBRONET – European Broker Network – an international independent brokers network established in order to offer to the multinational customers a consistent standard of services, in line with a well established set of principles but in the same time, adapted to the reality of the business environment of each country.

MJC Capuano

 Through the cooperation with MJC Capuano Insurance Brokers, one of the most respected insurance brokers in Greece, we represent the interests of a significant number of companies with Greek capital from various industries, to whom we provide personalized assistance, in close collaboration with our partners. Founded in 1904, Capuano SA has over 100 years of experience and innovative services, permanently put in the benefit of its customers.