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Company Information

CND INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE BROKER SRL is an insurance brokerage company, registered at ORC Bucharest under No. J40 / 4508/2002, Unique Registration Code 14664874, having as legal representative Magdalena Galeș, as Executive Director.

We are authorized by ASF and registered in the Register of Brokers under no. RBK – 106/2003, aspect that can be verified on the authority’s website Our company does not have an Insurance Company as a shareholder and does not hold shares in any Insurance company.

We can be contacted at the telephone numbers 021 311 7848, 073 059 2913, by e-mail at or at our headquarters in Bucharest, 29 Băiculești Street, ap.6, sector 1, in the interval hours 9: 00-18.00.

Company Services

Our services consist in providing consultancy for concluding insurance, intermediation of insurance contracts and specialized assistance throughout their duration.

We act on your behalf, based on the mandate you give us, offering you advice based on an impartial and personal analysis. We represent your interests in relation to the Insurance Companies, with which we have concluded intermediation contracts.

Our company carries out its activity through its own employees, professionally qualified according to the legal provisions.

As a general standard, the remuneration for the company’s activity is in the form of a commission to be paid by the Insurance Companies and included in the insurance premium.

We also inform you that we do not hold shares in the capital of any insurance-reinsurance company.

We strive to provide professional services to the highest standard and are open to receiving suggestions from our clients.

We invite you to send us any suggestion or dissatisfaction regarding the services offered by us, using one of the contact methods: email or in writing at our registered office, the address in the signature. We assure you that we will analyze your complaint and make every effort to provide you with a documented solution within a maximum of 30 business days, and if this is not possible, we will promptly inform you of the status of your request.


If our answer does not satisfy you, you will be able to contact the Financial Supervision Authority or to resort to the alternative dispute resolution method in the non-banking financial field (SAL-FIN), according to the existing instructions on the site of this institution:

The alternative route does not limit your right to apply to the competent courts.

How to communicate

In order for our collaboration to take place in optimal conditions, and for the information and documents to be made available to you in the most convenient way for you, we use two ways of communication:

  • By phone or e-mail to the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses provided by you.
  • By post or courier to the correspondence address provided by you.

You agree to the insurance offers, the issuance of policies and any administrative issues by e-mail or telephone. Payment of insurance premiums constitutes your agreement to the issuance of policies and acceptance of the insurance terms as well as your consent to the processing of personal data.

Please inform us in writing if the contact details you have provided us will change. If this does not happen, we will be put in a position of not being able to fulfill our obligations, the consequence of which is our exoneration from liability.

Personal data protection policy – PROCESSING INFORMATION

This information is prepared on the basis of European Regulation No. 2016/679 on the protection of personal data and aims to communicate your rights in relation to the processing of personal data hereinafter referred to as “Data” by CND INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE BROKER, as independent operator or associated operator.

The essence of the association agreements concluded is the collaboration between the Broker and the Insurer in order to draw up insurance offers, policy issuance, policy administration.

CND INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE BROKER will process personal data consisting of, but not limited to, name, surname, personal numerical code, signature, contact address, telephone, e-mail, data on the insurable property, data on the contractor, the insured and / or the beneficiaries of the policy, the payer, the state of health of the applicant / insured, or the history of claims as the case may be.

The purposes of the Data processing are generated by the activity of intermediation in insurance and related services and consist in the following:
– Purpose of consulting / bidding / issuing insurance contract – CND INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE BROKER will process the Data in order to provide specific advice in the field of insurance, obtaining insurance offers from partner insurance companies, issuing insurance contracts.
– Purpose of insurance policy administration, claims assistance, consulting – CND INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE BROKER will process the Data for the purpose of handling your insurance policies and to act in your support in relation to insurance companies in situations of occurrence of the insured event.

The legal basis for the collection and processing of personal data may be, as the case may be: The contract / insurance policy to which the data subject is party or the express request of the data subject to obtain an insurance offer through CND INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE BROKER, fulfillment of legal obligations, fulfillment of the legitimate interests in the context of carrying out the object of activity of CND INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE BROKER, the consent of the data subject, where applicable.

Personal data may be transferred to: suppliers directly / indirectly involved in the bidding process, issuance, administration of insurance policies and offering assistance to claims (PAID, insurance-reinsurance companies in Romania or in the European Union as well as other companies from the group to which they belong, companies providing damages services, archiving companies, IT service providers, courier companies, law firms), state authorities.

The data will be stored / archived by CND INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE BROKER for a period of 5 years from the date of issuing the offer / insurance policy / opening the claim file, or until the withdrawal of your consent in the case of personal data concerning the health of the data subject.

We inform you that you have, cumulatively, the following rights regarding the Data in the relationship between you and the Company: Right of access, Right of rectification, Right of erasure of data (“Right to be forgotten”), Right of withdrawal of consent, Right to data portability, the right to restrict processing, the right to object to processing, the right to file a complaint with the Company or the ANSPDCP, the right to go to court.

Important: If, in order to conclude an insurance contract through CND INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE BROKER, you also send us the personal data of another person, you have the obligation to inform that person within a maximum of 1 month from the date of providing the data. personal.

The single point of contact for any clarifications, information, requests or exercise of the rights listed above and details, can be reached in the following ways:
(i) the submission of a written application dated and signed to the above-mentioned registered office,
(ii) at the e-mail address:, or
(iii) by post to the postal address at the CND INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE BROKER headquarters mentioned above.

Personal data protection policy – CONSENT

Because certain data are very “personal” we can only process them if you expressly agree. Therefore, you will be required to consent to our processing of your personal data when you request services related to life, accident, health insurance, including health data if applicable.

If, in the future, the company CND INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE BROKER SRL will be acquired by a third party, it is possible that the data will be transmitted for the smooth continuation of the business activity.