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Construction / Erection All Risk and Builder’s liability Insurance

It is one of the insurance products in the top of our area of expertise, which combines two types of insurance: the “all risks” cover, for material damage to construction / erection projects in progress and the Legal Liability insurance for damages caused to third parties (bodily injuries and / or material damage), in direct connection with the construction / erection works carried out, occurring on the construction site or in its immediate vicinity.

This complex and flexible insurance product can offer maximum advantages to the Insured, when it is properly structured, which requires a good understanding of the potential risks, depending on the nature of the project, a very good knowledge of the product and also of the standard provisions of the construction contracts.

The “All risks” insurance for construction / erection projects protects the interests of investors and construction companies alike.

Our company has a vast experience in structuring this type of insurance, adjusting the cover throughout the construction period, as well as in managing the claims.

Construction plant and machinery insurance

Insures the construction machinery and specific equipment against risks that may arise while they are operated on the construction site. The coverage is valid regardless of whether the insured objects are in operation or not, even if they are used by third parties under a contract, provided that they are in good working condition, according to the purpose for which they were produced.

The cover is intended for any sudden and unforeseen accidental events, such as: improper operation, fire, lightning, explosion, natural phenomena like storms, hail, floods, landslides, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, burglary or acts of robbery, collisions, overthrows.