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Life and/or Personal Accidents Insurance

The insurance industry offers modular insurance programs that can be customized to provide protection solutions from the simplest to the most complex.

Life and / or accident insurance provide an additional and necessary level of financial security and can be, at the same time, a way of saving or an investment tool for accumulated savings.

As in any action which has a financial impact, it is recommended to seek the advice of a specialist, an insurance consultant, but it is equally important to consult with the family in order to choose an insurance plan with the appropriate balance between the protection and saving / investing components

Health insurance

We are continuously monitoring the market to be always up to date with the evolution of the market and with the latest insurance solutions available, in order to offer our customers health insurance that suits their needs.

Health insurance products are built in a modular manner, to offer flexibility in choosing the level of protection – from insurance that covers only outpatient or inpatient medical services, to complex solutions that cover both outpatient and inpatient costs , or even policies with international coverage.