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Trade Credit Insurance

It is an extremely useful insurance for companies that sell products with deferred payment, offering financial protection in case of insolvency, bankruptcy of customers or in situations of unjustified late payment.

In addition to the protection component offered by this insurance, there is a valuable component of debt management, debt collection, selection of buyers based on objective financial analysis, being a policy that supports the activity of companies both by limiting losses and by paying compensation when losses occur

Bonds Insurance

It is a form of insurance that addresses mainly the field of construction and covers the risks arising from the non-execution or improper execution of contractual obligations for any type of project, public and / or private.


It is the guarantee instrument that the tenderer must present to the beneficiary in case of participation in a public procurement procedure and which has the role of protecting the beneficiary in case of non-fulfillment of the tenderer’s obligations during the validity period of the offer submitted, until the conclusion of the public procurement contract or the framework agreement.


It is the guarantee granted to the beneficiary of the construction works through which the executor assumes all the obligations incumbent on him through the contract between the parties.


It refers to the guarantee of the works that the executor offers to the beneficiary and at the same time, to the commitment that the executor makes towards the beneficiary regarding the good execution of the work performed by him.


It is a guarantee offered by the executor in favor of the beneficiary which guarantees the reimbursement of the amount paid in advance by the beneficiary to the executor.