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Cargo Insurance (goods in transit)

The insurance of goods during transport is addressed to producers and other transport service providers, such as shipping companies, distributors, etc.

This insurance covers losse and / or damage accidentally caused to transported goods on domestic and / or international routes, carried out by any type of means of transport (road, rail, air, sea, river or combined).

It provides a flexible cover which, depending on the insurance clauses selected, allows the transported goods, including transport and customs costs, to be insured against the most common risks during transport, such as collision or road accident, theft and natural phenomena.

CMR Insurance – Liability of the road carrier

It is a policy that covers the liability of the carrier, for the goods transported with vehicles registered in Romania, based on proper transport contracts.

It aims at protecting the carrier for the total or partial loss of goods or their damage, occurring during transport operations, according to the C.M.R. Convention, as well as exceeding the delivery term or expenses incurred to limit the material losses and save the transported goods.