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Transactional insurance

We offer insurance products suitable for both buyers and sellers, allowing them to manage the risks inherent in mergers and acquisitions.

• Reps & Warranties Insurance

It is an insurance product that protects both parties in a transaction against financial losses arising from an unintentional and unknown breach of the seller’s guarantees.

• Title Insurance

Title Insurance protects property owners and creditors against losses they may incur due to “defects” in title, ownership and the history of property transfers over time.

Unlike the usual insurance products, which protect against potential future events and is concluded for specific periods, a title insurance policy insures against events that have taken place in the past in the history of the property, in connection with the transfer of title between former owners and is concluded for an indefinite period of time, until the transfer to a new owner.

Cyber Risk Insurance

Provides protection to the Insured for losses of third parties and own losses due to cyber risks.

It is recommended for companies that collect, handle or transmit data (distributors, IT companies, hotels, tourism and recreation companies, financial institutions, utility companies, telecommunications).

The main risks covered are:

– Data liability

This component provides coverage for third party claims related to liability arising from a security breach, including non-protection of confidential electronic or non-electronic information or prevention of virus attacks.

– Administrative obligations

This component provides coverage related to competent authority investigations and sanctions.

– Reputation and rehabilitation costs
– Multimedia Liability
– Cyber / Privacy Extortion

Environmental Liability Insurance

Protects the Insured against legal liability for damage to the environment, which results from the activity carried out and manifests itself accidentally or gradually. The coverage may be extended to include the costs of cleaning / decontamination of own premises when required by the regulatory authority or loss generated by business interruption.

This type of insurance is especially recommended for companies that carry out production, storage, waste treatment and disposal activities and in general for any commercial or industrial activity that is exposed to the risk of pollution either at the site or through the activity carried out.