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Motor Liability Insurance

Motor liability insurance is a mandatory third party liability insurance related to vehicles accidents. This insurance is concluded for all vehicles registered or subject to registration in Romania.

The basic risks covered by the policy are:

⦁ bodily injuries or death of the person who was injured due to the Insured’s fault, as well as moral damages

⦁ damages consisting in damage to or destruction of the property of a third party, caused by the fault of the insured and consequences of such damages

Also, the insurance takes over and covers the court costs that the insured is held to pay in the lawsuit.

CASCO Insurance

It is a comprehensive insurance, based on which the Insured benefits from compensations for the material damages registered by the insured vehicle, regardless of who is responsible for those, as long as they are as a result of accidental events, caused by insured risks.

In its simplest form, a CASCO insurance policy covers material damage and theft.

Material damages can be caused by:


– collisions, overturning, sideslip, scratches, falling into a chasm or water, falling objects on the vehicle;

– malicious actions of third parties (vandalism);

– fire, lightning, explosion;

– atmospheric phenomena, flood, earthquake, collapse or landslide, avalanches of snow.

Theft cover refers to the theft of the vehicle or its components (including damage to the car as a result of theft or attempted theft).