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Public Liability Insurance

As each business is unique, so are the exposures associated with each company’s operations. Therefore, it is important that your liability insurance is specifically structured for the circumstances in which you find yourself.

• General Third party liability insurance

It covers the indemnities due by the insured for material damages or bodily injuries caused to third parties, including the legal expenses that the insured should pay in a civil lawsuit.

• Product liability insurance

It covers compensation due by the insured in the event of material damage or personal injury suffered by a third party as a result of the use of a defective product sold or manufactured.

• Employer’s liability insurance

It covers the amounts that the employer is legally responsible to pay for physical injuries suffered by any of its employees, due to accident or illness, resulting from and during his employment by the insured

Liability Insurance for Errors and Omissions

• Professional liability insurance

It is addressed to those who carry out activities in the field of consulting or other intellectual professions, such as architects, accounting experts, auditors, lawyers, medical staff. Based on such a policy, the insurer undertakes to cover the claims submitted by the insured’s clients for damages resulting from errors and omissions committed in their professional activity.

• Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Any management decisions involve a high degree of responsibility and can jeopardize the assets and reputation of managers / executive directors of the company.

This insurance protects the executive directors, administrators, managers with executive attributions, in case of alleged or real errors, violations of the attributions and guilty acts in the exercise of their executive activities.